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5 Point Detox

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5 Point Herbal Liquid Detox Tonic

This vegan friendly liquid herbal detox tonic is highly effective at treating constipation, flatulence, indigestion, bloating, parasites and fluid retention as well as helping to improve liver, digestive and intestinal health.

It's formulated to be simple to follow, only 2 tsp in a glass of water or juice 3 times a day (or 3 tsp twice a day as best suits) is all that is needed. There are no other shakes, pills, powders or potions, making this an easy option for detoxing. The liquid tonic also allows you to adjust doses to what works best for you as an individual.

What does it do? 

  1. Liver detox / liver support
  2. Relieves fluid retention
  3. Relieves constipation
  4. Relieves digestive disorders
  5. Expels intestinal parasites

The 14 day program is recommended for the most benefit, which requires just one 500ml bottle. If you're a first time user or have a parasite infestation, you should consider a 28 day program, which requires 2 bottles. Once you finish either program, it is recommend that you replenish your gut with a good quality probiotic to get maximum benefit from your detox.

What’s In It?

The herbal ingredients are cloves, fenugreek, licorice, burdock, dandelion, juniper, horsetail, meadowsweet, rosehip, alfalfa, cayenne, fennel, kelp, valerian, wormwood and senna fruit pod (a natural laxative, more gentle than the usually used senna leaf).

The formula uses herbs that have a large body of evidence supporting their effectiveness over many centuries of traditional use and have been used effectively for decades by practitioners worldwide. This formula has been used successfully for over 20 years by Australian practitioners.

Fully Accredited Product

5 Point Detox is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed. This product is manufactured under world’s best GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards in Australia and is Australian Made. To make sure that only the best, purest and uncontaminated ingredients are used, all herbal ingredients are extensively tested using HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography).

Size: 500ml


Each 10mL contains herbal extracts equivalent to dry: Capsicum annuum fruit 660mg, Fucus vesiculosus whole plant 760mg, Arctium lappa root 40mg, Equisetum arvense stem 50mg, Rosa canina fruit 48mg, Filipendula ulmaria flower and leaf 48mg, Foeniculum vulgare seed 50mg, Artemisia absinthium whole plant 60mg, Valeriana officinalis root 68mg, Juniperus communis fruit 96mg, Medicago sativa whole plant 120mg, Syzygium aromaticum flower bud 160mg, Azadirachta indica leaf 400mg, Taraxacum officinale root 680mg, Trigonella foenum-graecum seed 680mg, Senna alexandrina fruit 1.25gm. Contains ethanol and potassium sorbate.

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