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Daniel James Duncan

Based in QLD - Currently in Sydney NSW 

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WhatsApp: +61 434 573 071

Appointments available via phone or face-to-face (depending on location)  

My name is Daniel. I am a level 2 Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist trained under Dr Robert Morse (Certified since 2018). 

In 2015 I was put on Accutane for problems. Shortly after this I began to develop chronic autoimmune symptoms and was diagnosed  with fibromyalgia, arthritis, nerve pain, muscular skeletal problems head to toe, and thyroid issues. 

I found Robert Morse online shortly after having learned more about clean foods and transitioning my diet. I dived into his protocols with full force, incorporating juices, high water content fruit, herbs and intermittent fasting.

Saunas were a big part of my protocols to support kidney damage, as well as colonics to help alleviate the damage that I later found I had done to my colon from eating a diet high in dehydrated foods and pushing my body in the gym to try and deal with the issues I had, not understanding at the time how almost all of my problems were back to the organs and glands. 

After a year my symptoms were almost completely gone. So much had changed for me but I was still working on my health and learned about water fasting, so I experimented with that and after my first extended fast, supporting during and after with colonics, my health took a massive turn and ever since then I haven't looked back. Right after I healed I flew to Florida to meet Morse and study at his school. It was such a heart warming experience to bring everything full circle after finally getting past my health concerns. 

Since then, I've been studying more in nutrition and building the body, sustainability and balance, having benefited so much from raw food and detox (which is the absolute foundation to true healing, without which, all these other modalities are not going to provide anyone with the results they need to really get past their health issues). 

"Conscious eating is a huge thing and for some people may be enough to take their health to the next level, but with more chronic degenerative issues, much deeper attention is needed to transcend these things ... that's the Art of Detoxification and understanding the Lymph System, as trained with Dr Morse".

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