Female Reproductive Tonic (2oz Tincture)


  • Chaste Tree Berry
  • Black Haw Bark
  • Blue Cohosh
  • Squaw Vine
  • Ligustrum Lucidium
  • Wild Yam Root
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Suma Root

All Herbs in our Formulas are Organic, Wildcrafted, or Consciously Cultivated

30-40% Alcohol and Distilled Water


While this formula has been cautioned or contraindicated during pregnancy in the past, the current formulation is actually very safe to use during pregnancy!  Ingredient changes and cases we have worked with have shown this formula to be a tonic and strengthener, and can be very beneficial both before and during pregnancy.  This is not an estrogenic formula!  While Blue Cohosh can have abortifacient properties and has been used by midwives to help induce labor, these actions are not achieved without using high and frequent doses.  Blue cohosh is one of nine herbs in this formula and his a very small percentage overall.  At that small percentage of a dropperful, this formula has a tonic effect, not an abortive one.

Expiration Date:  Powders and loose teas should be refrigerated after opening for longest freshness and potency.  Tinctures and capsules do not need to be refrigerated but should be stored in a cool, dark location (out of direct light).  This will ensure longest freshness and potency.  Date reflected on the bottom of the bottle is the standard “expiration” date.  If stored properly these products will last far beyond the recommended expiration date.

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