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Himalayan Chandra Eco Neti Pot - Biodegradable and non toxic

The Neti Pot TM is Biodegradable and BPA free. It naturally cleanses, refreshes, and protects the nasal passages, one of our body’s first lines of defense against illness.  Rinsing of the nasal passages has been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine to alleviate sinus and allergy problems. The Himalayan Institute introduced the Neti Pot TM over 40 years ago.

Its trademarked lotus design and distinctive shape dispenses the perfect rate of flow to optimally cleanse the sinus passages to:

  • Soothe dry nasal passages
  • Gently wash away dust, pollen, and irritants
  • Remove excess mucus… naturally

    Why do a Nasal Wash?

    The nasal passages are lined with a thin layer of mucus that is one of our body’s first lines of defense against disease. A nasal wash keeps this layer of mucus moist, clean and healthy. And compared to other nasal wash techniques, using the Neti Pot is easy. 

    During a detoxification journey, your body may release toxins and excess mucus via the nasal passages. The Neti Pot TM  can assist with the removal of this mucus and toxins and help to clear the head area.

    Use it anytime to:

    • Remove excess mucus due to congestion.
    • Rid nostrils of pollen and other allergens.
    • Cleanse the nasal membranes of dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants.
    • Relieve nasal dryness
    • Improve flow of breath before doing relaxation or meditation techniques.

    The Eco Neti Pot is not microwavable

    Always use sterilized water, such as boiled or distilled water, during nasal cleansing.

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