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Just Berries by Nature (7oz Powder)

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Looking for a way to amp up your water or smoothie?  This is it! Ripe fruits and berries have the most nutrition for humans--more than any other food source--and contain the highest ELECTRICAL properties of any food source on the planet.  Fruits and berries are alkaline ash forming foods that clean, restore and rebuild the human body--the CELLS!

Humans are frugivores (fruit eaters).  We are genetically 97% the same as some of the strongest and longest lived animals on the planet--the primates.  If our genes are 97% the same, why do we think our diets would be so different?

A specially formulated blend of power berries to help boost your detoxification program, and a great treat for kids too! Use as much as you like in a smoothie or glass of water.  It is suggested to not mix with vegetables or veggie juice.


  • Saw Palmetto Berry Powder
  • Bilberry Powder
  • Blueberry Powder
  • Cherry Juice Powder
  • Schizandra Berry Powder
  • Acerola Cherry Powder
  • Blackberry Powder
  • Hawthorn Berry Powder
  • Chaste Tree Berry Powder
  • Juniper Berry Powder
  • Date Sugar Powder

 All Herbs in our Formulas are Organic, Wildcrafted, or Consciously Cultivated


None known. 

Expiration Date:  Powders and loose teas should be refrigerated after opening for longest freshness and potency.  Tinctures and capsules do not need to be refrigerated but should be stored in a cool, dark location (out of direct light).  This will ensure longest freshness and potency.  Date reflected on the bottom of the bottle is the standard “expiration” date.  If stored properly these products will last far beyond the recommended expiration date.

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