Dr Morse's Fab Four collection was designed for maintenance, or as the foundation for building a complete protocol.  The Fab Four is great for when affordability is an issue, or to keep everything functioning properly when you’re not actively working on a detox protocol. 

Kit Includes:

Lymphatic systems 1 - tincture
Kidneys and Bladder 1 - tincture 
Endocrine Support - tincture
GI Renew Capsules of your choice to address your individual needs

The Deep Tissue Cleansing Kits are a great way to start off a detox. The kits are very versatile, truly a “one-size fits all” option!  With two Kidneys & Bladder formulas and Lymphatic System formula as the foundation, this will help get your lymph moving and the kidneys filtering!  Followed by the Liver/Gallbladder formula to help detoxify and strengthen the liver, and the GI Renew to help regulate elimination.  Two parasite formulas to help remove those “little buggers” we’ve picked up through the years; Parasite G is for larger organisms like worms and flukes while Parasite M is for micro-organisms like fungus, bacteria, and viruses.  Finally, the Endocrine Support to help activate the glands, strengthening, supporting and bringing their function into balance. 

The Deep Tissue Cleansing and Regeneration Kits are a fantastic tool for your detox journey.  They are an excellent way to start off, but even if you’ve been detoxing and using the herbal formulas for quite some time they can still be a valuable tool for once or twice-yearly maintenance or the periodic DEEP clean out!

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