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Bleeding (2oz Tincture)


  • White Oak Bark
  • Periwinkle Flower
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Bistort Root
  • Agrimony Leaf & Flower
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf
  • Thuja Leaf & Twigs
  • Lobelia Herb
  • Cayenne Pepper Fruit

All Herbs in our Formulas are Organic, Wildcrafted, or Consciously Cultivated

30-40% Alcohol and Distilled Water

TRADITIONAL USES: Internal bleeding from all types of tissues, including but not limited to the urinary tract, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract, brain, gums, bleeding ulcers, etc. External bleeding from cuts, abrasions, wounds, etc.

CAUTIONS & CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use during menstruation.

Herbal Tinctures Dosage Directions:

Tinctures are usually taken 1 dropper FULL 2-3 times per day. You can mix the dropper in water or juice to mask the taste.  If you are using multiple tinctures together in your protocol then you can mix the dosages into a 'shot-glass' to take if you wish.

Expiration Date:  Powders and loose teas should be refrigerated after opening for longest freshness and potency.  Tinctures and capsules do not need to be refrigerated but should be stored in a cool, dark location (out of direct light).  This will ensure longest freshness and potency.  Date reflected on the bottom of the bottle is the standard “expiration” date.  If stored properly these products will last far beyond the recommended expiration date.

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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